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Hi! My name is Matthew and I DO love a good French Toast breakfast.

WordPress Consultant | Matthew Fass

I am a Kingston, NY-based A to Z full stack web developer who has been creating websites since 1997. In fact, I once met Marc Andreessen, the originator of the first widely used web browser called Netscape Mosaic, when I was working for a CD-ROM development company back in the late 90’s in San Francisco. Yep, I’ve been doing it that long!

As the web has evolved over the past 25 years, I have consistently added to my skill set by learning HTML, CSS, PHP, WordPress, Javascript, Git, API calls, Google Analytics, SEO and email marketing as well as the Adobe Creative Suite of design programs.

I find that the work I do is always interesting and engaging because the tools are constantly changing and improving. 

Although I have worked as a WordPress consultant on many, many solo projects, I really prefer to work as a team member on larger projects such as Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat, Women Together and Jewish Heritage Travel

I like the team process, the defined work roles and have many times taken the initiative to suggest improvements in work flow and team coordination using cloud-based apps such as Airtable, Coda, Asana and cloud-based storage systems.

What else? Well, I am the music director of the NYC Village Halloween Parade. I play accordion with several Hudson Valley groups including Max’s New Hat and Heartstrings Hot Club and help produce events including the Brassroots Festival at Seed Song Farm in Kingston and Sinterklaas in Kingston and Rhinebeck. And just happened to have built those websites as well.

AND! When I was 19, I rode my bicycle with a friend from Rochester, NY to Santa Barbara, CA over the course of 3 months. We used paper maps back in the day, long before the internet came along. I love to travel, to take photos, meet locals and see beautiful places.

Finally, I was asked the following question recently for a job opening.

Q: Over the past year, what has been your most important achievement, either professional or personal?

A: I am quite proud of the dynamically generated permitting and mapping systems I have developed for the events I work on using a combination of Airtable API calls, HTML and PHP to create downloadable PDFs. 

  • Here is an example of a NYC Halloween Parade permit page
  • And here is a PDF for our winter festival called Sinterklaas.

ALL 18 Problems Web Designers Solve For Clients

September 5, 2022

  1. Customers can’t find us online
  2. Customers don’t understand what we do / how we’re different
  3. Customers don’t trust us
  4. Customers can’t buy online from us
  5. Customers can’t book services online
  6. Customers can’t find the right information
  7. We don’t show up on google
  8. We don’t capture enough leads
  9. Not enough visitors are converting
  10. We need to impress potential employees investors
  11. The website looks bad on mobile
  12. We look outdates
  13. Our website is hard to maintain
  14. Our website is not compliant with regulation
  15. Our competitors have better websites
  16. We don’t look premium / big / innovative enough
  17. New marketing manager needs to make an impact
  18. Client feels ashamed showing the website to prospects / friends
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WordPress Consultant | Matthew Fass